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Phaze 3 Associates regularly self-publishes thought pieces and have our work covered in the media.

Investment Articles

Priorities In A Covid Age
For those of you brave enough to play the stock market after this is over, there will be opportunities to double, triple and quadruple your money overnight.
COVID-19 and Borders
The current crisis gives Canada the chance to put the pause on immigration for some sorely-needed catch up, I think it’s safe to say that immigration is our
The 6 C’s of leadership
As 2020 gets underway, I think it’s important for Leaders to take a step back and review their strategy for the year ahead. One of the ways I do this myself...
Cash is King
For those of you brave enough to play the stock market after this is over, there will be opportunities to double, triple and quadruple your money overnight.

Philanthropy Articles

Valuable Lessons from 2020
As we look back on the past year, there's really only one story: COVID-19. And I think that despite the disruption our world has been facing...
Why our family appreciates Canada's military families
One of the many reasons that Canada is the greatest country in the world is because we have a military willing to do whatever it takes to ensure our freedoms...
Now You Can Honour Military Families
On Sept. 20, the first Military Family Appreciation Day will give Canadians the opportunity to officially recognize and thank Canadian military families for the
Holocaust Survivorwishes Fufilled
It was an emotional day for a 92-year-old survivor of the Holocaust. Steven Hopman from Montreal has terminal cancer. His last wish was to visit the new.
Outrage, And The National Holocaust Monument
When the National Holocaust Monument opens to the public later this month, Laura Grosman will be there to mark the end of her long and unlikely campaign
Supporting Military Families During Covid
The number of military personnel infected by COVID-19 in Operation Laser is now at 39. They are always prepared to go to the most dangerous places and put.

Political Articles

For Canadian Jews, the history of hatred repeats itself
For the last three decades, life for Jewish-Canadians has been just about as good as it has been anywhere, at any time...
Happy belated birthday, Canada!
"Canada is the best country in the world." There, I've said it. And I feel I have to, as we rarely hear these words from Canadians themselves.
Burning down the House
The latest – and lowest – debacle in Washington can help the GOP to transform itself...
Do you hear what I hear?
Addressing systemic injustice starts with listening.
Giving Democracy a Chance
I have a confession to make: I am a hopeless romantic. Unfortunately, for my wife, the object of my affection is Democracy.
Free trade & israel: a success story
Our growing economic ties with the only liberal democracy in the Middle East are a model for how Canadians can better tap into key markets that otherwise...


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